Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ongoing Opportunities-Healthy World Foundation


The HealthyWorld Foundation ( will provide 3 Global Health Fellowships in 2011. Funds pay primarily for necessary travel, room and board. The in-country stay would typically be a month. Students would work with a faculty advisor to identify their proposed project activities. The onsite, in-country portion of the fellowship would be carried out in collaboration with one of the following HealthyWorld Foundation partner projects. Note that all or parts of these projects are underway.

In addition, for students who are unable to travel in 2011 there will be 3 modest fellowships to provide assistance from a distance in analyzing or designing aspects of these projects.

Interested students should contact Dr. Arthur Goshin at:


1. Preventing Malnutrition - In partnership with the Child Health and Development Centre at Makerere University. To design, administer and evaluate a package of interventions for those in rural to improve maternal health and the birth weight, child's health, nutrition and growth to age two.

2. Reducing Under Age Five Malaria Mortality Using Community Based Treatment - In partnership with the WHO/TDR and the Uganda Ministry of Health. To assist in the development of a project to reduce malaria mortality in under five children living in rural villages and to assist in the design of a plan for national rollout using trained community health workers, rapid diagnostic tests, artemisin based combination treatments(ACTs), and rectal artesunate in severe cases of malaria.

3. Treating Disabled Children - In partnership with the Katalemwa Cheshire Home. To design and implement a community based program for rural villages that identifies, diagnoses and treats children with a range of disabilities.

4. Improving School and Community Health - In partnership with the Mpoma Community and The Johnson Nkosi Memorial Primary School for HIV/AIDS Orphans. To provide or assure the provision of a set of preventive health interventions including insecticide treated bednets, safe water systems, sanitary latrines, hand washing, immunizations and other preventive health services.


1. Health Care for the Homeless - In partnership with the India Foundation. To provide a clinic that serves the homeless.

2. Elder Care - In partnership with the West Bengal Voluntary Health Association. To design and establish a model for the care of the frail elderly in rural villages. To train elder caregivers capable of providing needed support and service to the frail elderly.

3. Caring for the Disabled - In partnership with the Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy. To improve the capabilities of community based health workers to assist families in the improved care of the disabled.

4. Community Based Cancer Screening - In partnership with the Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute. To design, develop and implement rural based programs for screening for cervical cancer and oral cancer.

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