Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The Global Health Initiative is a student-organized group for people interested in global health issues. We're open to anyone who is interested in participating and meet every-other week to discuss different topics, with the agenda and topics set by our members.

This blog is a forum for all of us to have access to global health opportunities happening within and outside of UB. It's a place to post job opportunities, fellowships, grants, conferences, interesting articles, ongoing research, and whatever else people want to contribute within the scope of global health.

If you have something to post please send it to Thanks!

Our Mission

The mission of the SPHHP Global Health Initiative is to create a local and global community of people interested in Global Public Health issues, maintain an ongoing conversation about these issues, enhance our members' knowledge of global public health practice and problems, and increase learning and professional opportunities within the field of Global

We will accomplish this by publicizing opportunities related to global health work and study outside of the classroom, maintaining a global health dialogue within the SPHHP community and fostering mutually beneficial relationships both within and outside of the University at Buffalo across disciplines.


1. To create a source of information on student opportunities in Global Health within and outside University at Buffalo. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, fieldwork, internships, employment, receipt of grants and access to datasets. This will be accomplished by establishing a centralized location to collect and disseminate this information. Information on these opportunities will be obtained through sources that include UB faculty, students and alumni
as well as other members of the global health community.

2. To maintain an ongoing conversation on Global Health issues through gatherings of people interested in global health. This will be accomplished through journal clubs, lectures, seminars, meetings and symposia. Meetings occurring outside of the Global Health Initiative that are of interest to our community will be communicated through our established communication channels. These include, but are not limited to, global health related works in progress, MMWR meetings, seminars, brown bag lunches and lectures.

3. To identify and establish relationships with potential global health collaborators within as well as outside the UB community. These potential collaborators include other student organizations, faculty from departments not yet represented in the Global Health Initiative, as well as organizations outside UB.

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